The world ending

One time I woke up in the morning and went to school. we went to the assembly in the morning I got the merrit seth you were phenomenal to get this award then we heard strucks of thunder and screaking on the playground we all avacuated to our class rooms then we heard an announcment we were on full lock down so every one had to run to the office our parents were called all of them came to get us I was the first with my sister to go home with my mum and dad we all played board games we didn’t bother to go outside THE END!!!!!!!!!!!……….

One thought on “The world ending”

  1. Hello Seth!
    You certainly had an eventful day between winning an award for being phenomenal and then having to evacuate the school! One suggestion I have is to frequently pause and re-read through your work aloud. Listen for when you make pauses and check to see if you’ve included punctuation.
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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