This is why you shouldn’t play video games in the future.

one time I was playing my pc untill I recieved a message it said hello you will be sucked into your pc I ignored it and then it messaged me again and it said don’t ignore me so I wrote back and said ok so I got sucked into the pc and I saw something I thought i would never see again the oasis. partakis the worlds best player he got the easter egg from james halliday the creator of the oasis until I saw YELLOW he was holding a knife behind his back and I said YELLOW AMONG US PLAYER he’s the imposter so I said RUN!!!!!!!! THE END………..

One thought on “This is why you shouldn’t play video games in the future.”

  1. Hello Seth,

    A video gamer… I know how much fun it can be because I have been playing video games online for very many years and have found Easter Eggs in some but I have never been sucked into a game. It was in a 1982 movie named “Tron” first showed a person drawn into a video game.
    Remember to check where new sentences might be taken. I know how easy it is to miss some when keen to write yoru good story dwon.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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