The bike fell on me


I am feeling squashed.  I am squashed in the stomach. I was on the hill and riding down it.  I was so scared, the wind was so heavy and the road was so bumpy.  It was so fast i couldn’t contol it. There was a huge rock, my tyre hit it, I was rolling down the hill. eventualy the bike fell on me when i got to the bottom of the hill. It was so heavy I needed help.  It was heavier than I expected.  I grabbed my phone and called my friend i told him I was stuck.

I went to my cousins house

I’m riding my yellow bike to my cousins house. The bumpy road was scraping my tyres and then my tyre popped.  I rode straight into the pole. Then I had to tie the bike to the pole then run to my cousins house and get a new tyre. But on the way there it was turning night so I had to be quick. When I got there it was already night so I had to sleep there and get my bike in the moring. So we ran there in the morning with a new tyre then my cousin came over the next night to play games with me.

The scientist and the monster

It was a dangerous day I was traveling through the woods

Trying to find my lab but I stopped,

I was surrounded by the army they said I had to come with them

So I got in the helicopter when It just wouldn’t take off, I tried to find the problem

But I couldn’t then I heard something it sounded close, I saw it running straight to get me I told the army soldier he shot it, then we had to go on foot. we had to go through the jungle to get to the base but the president wanted to see me about the monster I made with acid.